WalletHub has put together their 2019 list of the best states to raise a family. Before we get to where Minnesota ranked on this list, let's talk about how WalletHub came up with this list.

WalletHub says on their website that "in order to determine the best states to raise a family, WalletHub compared the 50 states across five key dimensions: 1) Family Fun, 2) Health & Safety, 3) Education & Child Care, 4) Affordability and 5) Socio-economics."

You can check out more specifics about how they ranked each state HERE but enough of this boring stuff, what states are the best and the worst to raise a family?

Here are the 10 worst states to raise a family:

50. New Mexico

49. Mississippi

48. Louisiana

47. West Virginia

46. Alabama

45. Nevada

44. Arkansas

43. South Carolina

42. Oklahoma

41. Georgia


And the 10 best states to raise a family:

10. Nebraska

9. Rhode Island

8. New Jersey

7. Wisconsin

6. New York

5. New Hampshire

4. Vermont

3. North Dakota

2. Massachusetts

1. Minnesota

Yep, all of you raising a family right here in Minnesota are in luck because this is the best state to do it!

Read more about how we go this ranking at WalletHub's website.


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