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Many many people have decided the pandemic is the perfect time to add a new furry member to the family. You're home a lot more and puppies need a lot of attention so why not? That's exactly what 18 families in Rosemount thought. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 18 puppies have been welcomed to this 3-block neighborhood in Minnesota.

18 puppies! That's a lot of energy in one 3-block radius! It's also great, though, because that's a lot of puppies that can hang out and play with each other. KARE 11 spoke with some of the families who are a part of this 3-block neighborhood. Natalie Albers told KARE 11 that this is "a pup-side to the pandemic". Get it?

The families and their puppies all got together for photos in a park a little while ago. 15 of the 18 dogs were able to make it and they all stood in size order for the photos. The dogs, in order of size, include Lulu, Coco, Charlotte, Stanley, Bandit, Jager, Teddy, Sonny, Ace, Buxton, Bailey, Nacho, Ranger, Socks, and Dakota. I really want a dog named Nacho now, I love that name! The breeds range from a Maltese-Shih Tzu mix (that's Lulu) to a Golden Retriever (that's Ace).

Two of the three dogs that weren't able to make the photos are Bear and Macy. And the third dog couldn't be there because she hadn't been adopted yet! Mayze was added to the neighborhood just a few weeks after the photos.

And based on one family KARE 11 spoke with, there may be a 19th puppy on the way to the neighborhood. The Albers three kids have been begging for a puppy. 11-year-old Graham said,"'every week we write dog on the grocery list'". Adorable! Hopefully they get their puppy soon.

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