Here I am, back from vacation, and I can't stop itching! Why? Because I sat out in the sunshine for a week, and my Minnesota winter white skin did NOT like it. Honestly, it has been a while since I've been that burnt, so I had to look up how to take care of my peeling skin. Fortunately, I found some natural ways.  


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    I asked a bunch of people at work today, and not a single one has tried milk. According to WikiHow though, "it’s basically a natural moisturizer for the skin. It will soothe the skin, and the lactic acid in milk reduces skin irritation and itching." They recommend dipping a washcloth in cold whole milk, and placing it on the skin for about 10 minutes, wash off, and repeat a few times a day.

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    Bathing in Oatmeal

    I remember doing this as a kid when I had the chicken pox. Apparently it helps with peeling skin too, which when you think about it, totally makes sense. Seeing as I don't have any whole milk in my house (I'm lactose intolerant), I may have to try oatmeal. You'll need Colloidal oatmeal though, which is extremely fine oatmeal, and has been credited with healing and diminishing damage to the skin. You can find it in many pharmacies. This according to WikiHow. One cup in a bath of cool water, and sit in it for a half hour.

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    ThinkStock Liv Friis-Larsen

    Olive Oil

    The skin is dry, and olive oil will help moisturize it (Olive oil is full of fatty acids). WikiHow recommends using extra-virgin olive oil. Put it in the microwave until it’s slightly warm (not hot). Massage the warm olive oil into the skin. Do this three times a day until your skin improves.

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