Skip the flowers and candy, here are some non-traditional  ideas that you'll never forget.

  • Escape Challenge

    Grab some other couples and see how quickly you can get out!

    New couples - See just how well you click when it comes down to "life or death"

    Long time couples - Put your teamwork skills to the test

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    Rock Climbing!


    We are fortunate to have this new establishment in Rochester. Something different and exciting for couples to do. Word of advice: stay back while your significant other climbs the wall, and enjoy the view!! Happy Valentines Day!

    Roca has a special for Valentines Day - buy one day pass, get one free.

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    Laser Tag!


    Have you ever played with a group of adults? Seriously, it is SO much fun. Team up with your man, and show off your skills. Feel free to sneak in a kiss or 5 too!

  • OR....

    The Most Romantic Restaurants in Rochester

    You'd rather just do a romantic dinner? Here are the five most romantic restaurants in Rochester.

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