Don't have a corkscrew when you need it? Try these three methods to open up your favorite bottle of wine instead!

A couple weeks back, my wife and I got a sitter for our daughter and had ourselves a little date night. We went out to dinner, had a few drinks and enjoyed some rare adult time that we took for granted being newlyweds and without kids.

So, on the way back home we decided to run by the liquor store to pick up some of our favorite spirits, including a bottle of wine.

Problem was, once we got home we couldn't find the damn corkscrew anywhere to open up the bottle!

That's when we stumbled upon this fun video from NBC News on how to open a bottle in situations like the one we were experiencing.

We decided to just go with Method #1 in the video since we didn't feel like making a mess with a shoe in Method #2. Plus, we weren't so sure about heating it up with fire... especially after already having a few drinks over dinner!

So check out these clever ways to save the day (or night) below:

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