I've been seriously considering buying a happy lamp. This winter is kicking my butt! I asked listeners what they do to fight the winter blues, and here's what they said:


  • 1

    Take a trip!

    Many listeners recommend taking a little winter getaway somewhere warm. I think I'm going to have to plan a week long trip every February!

  • 2

    Get Outside!

    Try to enjoy the winter by doing a winter activity outside. Dylan recommends snowmobiling, while Beverly says go sledding or tubing. Getting outside when it's sunny will also get you a dose of Vitamin D that you're body is missing.

  • 3

    Vitamin D

    Speaking of Vitamin D, sun isn't the only way to get it into your system. You can also take Vitamin D pills, or eat Vitamin D rich foods - eggs, milk, cheese.

  • 4


    I do not condone drinking excessively, BUT a glass or two a day they say is good for you right?

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