Can you say party goals? This little girl just put ALL my birthday parties to shame, and it was just her 4th birthday. No, she's not a Kardashian and she wasn't showered with ridiculous over-the-top gifts, BUT she did hold her party at my favorite place! Where? TARGET!!!!!!! Yes, the store.

Miss Leyann is obsessed with Target, as many of us are. According to the news crew out in New Orleans, where Leyann is from, she goes to Target with her mom 5 times a week. When she's happy, when she's sad, Target is her place. Is she my soul sister or what?

Leyann and all her friends wore the cutest little Target outfits, she had a Target cake, and last but definitely not least, they all got a shopping spree - best party favor EVER. Clearly, my invite was lost in the mail...

Check out the adorable footage below:

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