Running is an activity many take on but I'd prefer to be rollerblading (is that term so 90s?). In fact, according to some medical researchers, Inline Skating ranks in the top 3 activities that improve or maintain physical fitness and general well being. Even above jogging!

But there's one thing that holds back a smooth skate and that's rough terrain and unkept pavement. There are plenty of well-kept, paved trails within a short drive of Rochester that you have to check out this summer!

  1. Douglas Trail: It's just north of Rochester and has recently been repaved. It offers 12.5 miles of smooth sailing with a very scenic view.
  2. River Bend Trail: Head over to Fairbault. While this trail is only a mile, you can hop on the Straight River Trail, an 8-mile journey through Fairbault that connects several parks.
  3. Goodhue Pioneer State Trail: This jem in Red Wing offers almost 10 miles of trail. There is both a north and south section offering different scenery.
  4. Shooting Star State Trail: Located just north of Lake Louise State Park in LeRoy, glide across nearly 20 miles of smooth asphalt.
  5. Cannon Valley Trail: Spanning 20 miles from Red Wing to Cannon Falls, this gorgeous piece of track offers views of the river and hills for great intervals.

No matter what trail you try, it's great to get out and explore while you exercise. It's entertaining and makes the time go by!

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