Has anyone else noticed a theme while scrolling through Facebook lately? Minnesotans seem to share the same type of posts constantly.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done one… or even all five of these posts at one time or another. But let’s take a quick couple seconds to laugh at ourselves and look at the 5 annoying things we all do on Facebook, shall we?

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    Complain About the Weather

    First of all, we live in Minnesota. So if you're going to constantly vent about how cold/snowy/windy it is I've got some news for you - we already know. We do have things called windows.

    My personal favorite post is the screenshot of the current temperature off of a phone. So in case you’re wondering, it’s 9 degrees right now... but hey, at least it's SUNNY!

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    Road Raging After the Fact (or Worse: During the event)

    This winter has put all of our driving skills to the test. Sometimes the idiot next to you is driving like it's his/her first time on the road... but driving in the winter is scary, so cut them some slack!

    However, if you’re that person going 10 mph over the speed limit in town on slick roads just because you've got a big bad SUV and you think that all-wheel drive is gonna help you magically stop on a dime while on an ice rink, then you have every right to get called out on Facebook. So slow the eff down. Thanks.

    Sincerely: Everybody trying to make it to their destination safely.

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    Telling Everybody You're Watching the Game


    Look, if you're actually there at the venue, then great we're happy for you! We hope they get the "W". But if you're just sitting at home in your jersey and sweat pants with a plate of re-heated nachos, do we really care?

    The answer, is NO.

    By the way, there's a good chance you're probably jinxing the team some way, some how anyway. Because: it's Minnesota sports.

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    Wishing We Were Anywhere But in Minnesota

    Sorry, but the last I checked Facebook isn't the genie from Aladdin, so wishing you could "Get the hell outta here and go to (someplace warm)" or "I wish I could just go back to (awesome vacation from six years ago)" isn't going to magically happen.

    If you've got the money and vacation time saved up, then GO. Have a great time. We can't wait to see those pictures pop up a year from now on Timehop... speaking of which.

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    Sharing Too Many Timehops

    "This time last year I was doing this."

    "OMG! Can you believe this was only 3 years ago?!"

    We can. Because we saw this same post last year, and the year before that.

    These types of posts (which also tie-in to #1 and #4) should be regulated to once a month, if that. Share them on your friends and families pages all you want, but unless it's your crazy aunt who has to check up on what you're doing daily, we don't need to see those amazing margaritas you had 8 years ago on our news feeds.

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