Something extremely cool was discovered at an old high school in Minnesota. A time capsule that was dated back to 1920! It's not every day you hear about something like this.

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Time Capsule Found at Former Owatonna High School

The high school, which used to be Owatonna High School, was being demolished. During the process, the director of facilities, infrastructure and security at Owatonna Public Schools, Bob Olson, told the crews to carefully remove the plaque from one of the front pillars of the school that said '1920'. He wanted it to be put into the new high school.

Little did he know, it would hold a lot more history than just that engraved date.

Owatonna Public Schools, YouTube
Owatonna Public Schools, YouTube

Just behind the plaque, the crews found the time capsule. Based on the plaque, you'd assume it was placed there in 1920, which was later confirmed when the time capsule was opened at a press conference.

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What Was Inside the Owatonna High School Time Capsule?

Shortly after finding the time capsule, Owatonna Public Schools held a press conference to open it up and see what was inside.

Bob Olson was the one who had the honor of opening the capsule and carefully taking out each item. All of the items were papers and they all held different information from the time that the high school was built.

Items found inside the time capsule were one of the first copies of the student newspaper, enrollment information for the school at the time, items from the Minnesota Freemasons, reports from the finance committee at the time, mayors and city reports from that time, and a booklet written in Czech. They were even nice enough to put a typed letter inside listing everything in the time capsule.

Owatonna Public Schools, YouTube
Owatonna Public Schools, YouTube

CBS reports that at the end of the press conference, Superintendent Jeff Elstad said they plan to "identify what documents in the capsule have 'a direct tie to the school district.'" They hope to have some of the items put on display at the new Owatonna High School and district office.

You can watch the whole video on the Owatonna Public Schools' YouTube channel.

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