We've all fought over dumb things with our friends before. I decided to ask you guys what your stupidest fights involved.

The inspiration behind me asking, "what was the last thing you and your friend argued about?" was pretty self-explanatory. I saw I, Tonya (the Tonya Harding story) and have always thought the story was a stupid fight between friends that blew way out of proportion.

Of course, not all fights are strictly between friends, but I digress.... here were your top five "I can't believe we fought over that!" responses, and six ways to avoid fighting about them again.

  1. Beer. Pay for your own, or keep a record of who bought the last round. Yep, we do fight over this here.
  2. Money. This one should be common sense - just stay out of debt with someone, and make sure your "payment" agreement is clear.
  3. Driving. The road rage incidents seem to be growing by the day in our area. Drive with courtesy Don't be a loser and be selfish on the road. Drive with patience, and focus. You'll avoid an accident, and the chance to add to a growing statistic.
  4. Politics. I'll only say this - there's zero chance you'll "win" this one. Avoid it entirely by talking about anything else.
  5. Clothing. There's enough clothing to ensure that all of us look cute! To avoid this fight, I'd suggest applying the same method as you would avoid a "money" argument. Make sure your "borrow" agreement is clear.
  6. Social media. Honestly, who cares who posted what? There's an "unfollow" or "unfriend" button for a reason. Not everyone is going to use social media the way that you do.

Let's keep the peace, mmmkay?

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