It's natural to ask people questions when you find out where they're from. It's a good way to get to know them and the part of the world they come from. Below are the questions I get from people all of the time when they find out I live in Rochester.

  • Is is cold there? or Do you get a lot of snow?

Yes and Yes. And quite frankly, the weather (and this question) makes me a little cranky so stop reminding me of winter!

  • You guys are right by Canada, right?

Worse.. We're right by Wisconsin!

  • Is "Minnesota Nice" a real thing?

Passive-aggressiveness is a real thing in Minnesota.

  • Do you work at Mayo Clinic?

No, but pretty much everyone I know does.

  • Does everyone there really sound like the people from the movie 'Fargo'?

Uffda! It's funny, people seem genuinely disappointed when I tell them we don't all talk like that.

What questions do you get asked all of the time? Leave a comment below.


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