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A Secret Santa is mailing checks to essential workers all around the country with plans to send $100,000 before Christmas. The person, who wants to remain anonymous, has only been identified as a wealthy businessman. CBS says he typically passes out $100 bills during the holidays, but this year he has been sending $1000 checks to random people, including a nurse in Texas, a sanitation worker from Florida, a server in Pennsylvania, and a security guard in Missouri.

The man told CBS News, "You know kindness, when freely given, with no expectation in return – is, in fact, unconditional love. And that's really what we're giving them." It's not clear how he's selecting people to send money to.

I wish I was in a place financially to do something similar but I'm not. Most of us aren't, but you don't have to be rich to make an impact this holiday season. You could donate a gift to the Ronald McDonald House, volunteer to distribute food at Channel One Food Bank, ring at a red kettle, or leave an extra big tip when order takeout. You probably won't make the news doing any of these things, but I promise you will make the holidays a little brighter for someone.

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