I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sun this weekend!

I took a trip up to Morris, Minnesota, my college town, and visited some friends and watched their dance performance. It was a ton of fun but it also was a little bizarre to be back in my college town. I'm a recent grad and so it was weird walking around campus and realizing that I'm no longer a student!

While there, I realized a few things:


  • 1

    I Feel Old and It's Only Been A Year

    Yes, I only graduated from college a year ago, and yet visiting my college town made me feel old! Imagine how I'll feel in a couple years...

  • 2

    I Really Miss Dance

    It was so much fun getting to watch my friends dance but I was slightly jealous. I wanted to be on that stage with them!

  • 3

    Remembering The Good and Simpler Times

    In college you aren't expected to "adult" perfectly yet. So being back in Morris made me miss those times when I could be lazy sometimes and not feel guilty!

  • 4

    Sometimes I Wish There Was a Way to Go Back and Live it All Over Again

    College is such a unique experience and there are definitely times I wish I could go back and re-live it!

  • 5

    I Am So Thankful For Everything I Learned There!

    While college was a ton of fun, it also is a huge learning period. I am very thankful to Morris and UMM for being that place that helped me learn how to be an adult!

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