When planning for a Spring Break vacation, a couple of things come to mind immediately.  First is YAY!  We get to go somewhere warm for a few days!  And second, what can I pack, what do I have to put in a checked bag and what can I put in a carry-on?

There are some tips and tricks for getting through the TSA line as quickly as possible when travelling.

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What I mean by simple clothing, is sweat pants, yoga pants, no pockets, no belts, no jeweled items (blingy clothes), and wear slip on shoes. Nothing that is going to set off the monitor.  That just slows up the line.


There are a few things that you cannot bring with you in your carry-on.  Liquids are still prohibited.  It's best to bring an empty water bottle, and fill it after the check point.  Much cheaper than buying a bottle of water at one of the airport gift shops.  Other liquids have to be that small travel size. That includes make-up and hair products.  There is a TSA approved list that you can check.


This is a great service that some airlines provide.  The line is usually a lot shorter, and according to KARE 11, people who signed up for pre-check had a wait time at the TSA checkpoint of 5 minutes or less.


Arrive at least 2 hours before your flight, even if you are flying domestically. Lines are shorter, and you have time to grab a bite to eat or a drink before you board the aircraft.  And yes, I know grab a bite or a drink for a very inflated price.  That's the airport.  But you didn't have to wait in line very long!  Bonus!


What that means is make sure the stuff that you have to remove from your carry on bag are easy to take out.  Like electronic items on top, along with your approved liquid items in the quart size ziplock bag.  That way you aren't holding yourself or anyone else up in the line while you dig for your items.

According to KARE 11, the airlines are expecting a lot of travelers for Spring Break which runs approximately from February 17th through April 21st.

"In January, we experienced our first full month where travel volumes exceeded the same month in 2019. We fully expect to see an upward trend in travel volumes throughout 2023, including during the spring break period," said TSA Administrator David Pekoske.

Happy Travels!

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