Not sure if you heard the news but Toys "R" Us, the store kids dreamed of shopping at as a kid, is back!  I'm not just talking about opening up in Macy's.  Nope, a huge store just opened up at the Mall of America in Minnesota and there was a massive line waiting to get in on opening day.

Remember how heartbroken we were when we heard that Toys "R" Us was closing a few years ago?  I know I wasn't the only one in Minnesota who sadly watched as a piece of our childhood just disappeared.

Toys R Us Files For Liquidation, Will Shutter All U.S. Stores
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It's not the first time our state has experienced loss though.  In fact, there are 50 other retail stores that have shuttered for good and many had at least one location in Minnesota.

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50 Retail Stores That Closed For Good in Minnesota and Throughout the United States

Way back in my high school days, the first job I ever had was in retail.  I worked in the men's department at a popular store that is still open today.  After college, I went on to be a manager at a store in the Twin Cities area called Mervyn's.  If you never got a chance to experience it before it closed up shop, just walk into a Kohl's, it is practically a duplicate.  The layout, the signs, the brands, and even the sales. It is so similar that I actually couldn't shop at Kohl's for years because I knew how much everything probably was at cost.

West Coast Department Store Mervyn's Goes Out Of Business
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I had a gut feeling that Mervyn's was getting close to its last days and carefully thought through other career opportunities.  I'm glad I did because Mervyn's is one of the many stores that Minnesota has had to say goodbye to over the years.  Look through the list below of stores that closed throughout the United States and see how many you remember shopping at throughout the years.

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