Taylor Brodersen and Jimmy Lu, seniors at Maple Grove, planned a joint graduation party and invited 300 guests. The families planned to serve chicken fingers from Raising Cane's, but when they arrived at the restaurant to pick up the food, they learned that someone else had already taken their order.

Now, I've had restaurants mix up my order and haven't noticed until I got home, but I'm pretty sure I would notice right away if they mistakenly handed me a bag of 600 chicken fingers. A police report wasn't filed and the restaurant says they're investigating what happened.

Adam Jennrich, the chicken-chain's manager, told KARE 11: "Customer service is a top priority for us, so we worked as quickly as possible to replace the order. As of now, we are unclear if this was simply a mistake or intentional. We are currently investigating the situation and that will determine next steps."

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