You had us at merlot. May 25 is National Wine Day, which is the perfect complement to this unofficial summer kickoff. I doubt you need specific instructions on how to celebrate the occasion, but just in case, I found a few things you could do in Rochester to toast to the day.

  1. Invite your friends over for a wine tasting. Pick up a trio of Menage a Trois on sale at Apollo's
  2. Make a wine slushie to stay cool in this humidity.
  3. Wine and Canvas at Cannon Falls Winery
  4. Get expert advice and join a wine of the month club at Tessa's Office
  5. Sign Up for the Wine Trolley
  6. Visit a local winery like Salem Glen Winery (who also has pizza tonight!) or Four Daughters Winery
  7. Make your own "Wine Walk" downtown and hit up TerzaVictoria'sSalute Wine Bar, and the Redwood Room
20180310_211531 (1)

I'm a self-proclaimed Wino. I'll for sure be celebrating.

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