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If you've been in shock at the prices of groceries at Minnesota stores lately, you are not alone.  Items that I used to stock up on for my kids to eat or staples that we need for meals are no longer on my grocery shopping list due to how much the prices have increased in Minnesota.  Buying groceries should not be a stressful decision for anyone.  Thankfully, a sliver of good news just arrived for all of the midwest.

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Photo by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash
Photo by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash

9 Items at the Grocery That Dropped in Price Last Month in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

Good news has arrived for our bank accounts!  Instead of continuing to skyrocket and become unaffordable, nine grocery items at the stores are finally seeing a decrease in price.

LOOK: Groceries that dropped in price in the Midwest last month

Stacker used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to find the grocery items that saw the largest price decreases from August to September in the Midwest.

Gallery Credit: Stacker


Iconic Toys "R" Us Making a Comeback in Minnesota

Another sign that our economy might be slowly recovering after the pandemic is announcements of new businesses opening.  That latest includes an iconic toy store that our world loved in the 80's and 90's.  I lived in a small town in Iowa and we weren't one of the lucky spots to have a Toys "R" Us store but when we made the trip to Des Moines, that was a stop we begged our parents to make.

Kids should start asking for money to be added to their Venmo account and do a few extra chores because they are going to need that cash when they visit Toys "R" Us at the Mall of America.  An opening date hasn't been announced yet but it sounds like the store will be making an appearance in this world-famous mall.  See where it will be located here.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in the State of Minnesota

Car accidents happen in every state but in Minnesota, there seem to be a few roads that are the most dangerous for drivers. According to Hoglund Analytics, below are the top 5 most dangerous roads in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

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