Iowans are proud of their small-town roots.

Depending on where you grew up, you might not have a large array of choices when it comes to shopping or food, but these places are still home to us.

I grew up in this small unincorporated town in Pennsylvania and all we had was one pizza place, Chinese restaurant, and a McDonald's; so I get the struggle.

There is still this beautiful charm to a small town, where everyone knows everyone. This is taken to a whole new level if that town is located anywhere in Iowa or the Midwest at large.

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USA Today Recognizes Iowa


In a list from USA Today's 10Best Reader's Choice, the editors somehow determined the best small towns in the Midwest.

"Friendly faces and down-to-earth folks are just some of the reasons people love the Midwest. The area also happens to be home to some of the most charming, scenic, and historic small towns in America. "

This list was determined by editors and readers.

Two of the towns on this list, were from the Hawkeye State.

Two Iowa Towns Are Best Small Towns In The Midwest

It is an honor to be recognized on a national level, right?

These two towns in Iowa are considered some of the best small towns in the Midwest.

The results are not that surprising!

Coming in at #10 on this list is...Winterset!

A Little About Winterset


The town that is located about an hour southwest of Des Moines is known primarily as the birthplace of Hollywood icon John Wayne.

Winterset even has an entire museum dedicated to Wayne. You can check out the John Wayne Birthplace & Museum anytime between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, seven days a week.

The hours do change up to 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM during the winter months.

And coming in at #9 on this best small towns in the Midwest list is...Dyersville, Iowa!

A Little About Dyersville

Hunter Fergen via Youtube
Hunter Fergen via Youtube

If you build it, he will come...

That single line spoken in a baseball diamond built inside of a corn field cemented Iowa's legacy in the film industry.

Now, the town of Dyersville has become a must-visit small town for any avid fan of baseball or the hit movie.

The original 'Field of Dreams' that the crew set up during filming is still there. You can even run the bases or play a game of catch with your old man on the field.

Over the past few years, the town has gotten the national spotlight turned on them due to the MLB 'Field of Dreams' games that have been hosted not too far from the original diamond.

Best Towns In The Midwest

The full list that USA Today put together featured states and regions that usually don't get a whole lot of love.

So, here's the full list.

Maybe this summer, you can do a fun little road trip through the Midwest and stop at all of these towns.

10 Best Small Towns in the Midwest

  1. Madison, Indiana

  2. Marysville, Kansas

  3. Council Grove, Kansas

  4. Petoskey, Michigan

  5. Vevay, Indiana

  6. Put-in-Bay, Ohio

  7. Mitchell, South Dakota

  8. Traverse City, Michigan

  9. Dyersville, Iowa

  10. Winterset, Iowa

Hopefully, next year's list will see an Iowa town just a bit higher on the list.

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