Dreams really do come true!

The "Wing Bowl" Buffalo Wing Eating Contest Is Held In Philadelphia
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I know, I know, we've been down this road before.

It wasn't more than just a few years ago when prayers were supposed to be answered in the Crossroads Shopping Center at the old Pannekoeken location, but those fizzled out faster than a plate of wings out of the fryer.

Not that I'm upset or anything, because at least one of my other favorite restaurants (Newts) got to set up camp there instead.

But according to Jeff Kiger at the Post Bulletin, a second Buffalo Wild Wings is in early stages to be built on 16th Street Southwest as part of the Mayowood Commons development, which already features the Red44 luxury apartment complex.

I'm absolutely stoked. Not only because I love Bdubs as a franchise, but because it's another option for sports fanatics to watch their favorite teams in town.

More often than not when I go to the north location to watch football on Saturday or Sundays, or even catch March Madness in the spring, I can never find a seat when I'm craving their wings and delicious apps!

Hopefully this south location will appease wing-nuts like me and keep that side of town growing!

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