I can't believe I'm typing this, but having lived in this corner of our state for over a decade, I've never visited Tweite's Family Farm.

I know, I know... Let the boo's rain down on me like thousands of disappointed Vikings fans at this past weekend's game against the Bills. I deserve it, because I'll admit that it's embarrassing.

Well that's going to change because I just saw that Tweite’s is celebrating 30 years of wholesome family fun and play. That means they'll be welcoming in a third generation of parents bringing their own families to make new memories. That's pretty neat.

So what's there to do at Tweite's? Well there's an award winning fun park, a 12-acre corn maze, pumpkin patch and a food court. Plus again this year they have teamed up with Spookley the Square Pumpkin, a unique pumpkin that delivers a special message of kindness and tolerance.

Tweite’s Family Farm is located near Byron, Minnesota, just a short drive down Highway 14 from Rochester. You can bet I'll be taking my daughter(s) there to make some memories soon.

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