Americans love their pets and spoil them to the tune of billions of dollars a year, but there is one way we should not over indulge our fur babies: and that's with Thanksgiving food.

Canine Banquet
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The Humane Society says veterinarians see a spike in sick pets during the holidays, in large part because holiday meal table scraps can make dogs and cats really sick. Vets say even small amounts of scraps can lead to big problems for pets!

Turkey bones can break and lodge in pets' throats and the sodium in ham can set off an upset stomach.  Also, fat drippings from a turkey pan on pet food and pumpkin can even cause big tummy problems. Plus, raisins and grapes are about the worst things you can feed dogs and cats because they can cause kidney failure, and that can kill pets!

Things you can feed them, in small amounts, from

Turkey, lean meat only, no skin, small amount.
Potatoes, yes, but it depends on how they are prepared. Give your furry guys plain white mashed potatoes without all the butter, cream, cheese and seasons that we love. They can eat a small amount of plain potatoes.
Green Beans, minus the casserole. The “kids” can eat the green beans, plain.
Small amounts of bread are okay, but skip the stuffing because it contains butter, seasonings that might not agree with their digestion along with onions and celery.
Pumpkin, yes they can have small amounts of pumpkin, but notice this does not say pumpkin pie. When you go to make the pumpkin pie, keep a teaspoon or two of the canned pumpkin aside for the little ones (make sure it is just canned pumpkin and not pie filling as that has added sugar and spices).

If you feel the need to spoil little Scout and/or Fluffy, there are also homemade treat recipes online that are easy to make.

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