We haven't been slowing down on "Sharing the Love" in Rochester with Clement Subaru! This time we took to the streets of #rochmn to give out some Cinemagic free movie tickets and free car washes! We caught up with a crowd of people with our own little kindness ambush. It was fun to see their reactions. If you take a look at the guy on the bike that I gave a movie pass to, he ended up delivering my Jimmy Johns later that day! (He was super freaky fast and super nice.)

What's really cool was hearing everyone's reflection after the random acts of kindness was complete. Just goes to show that kindness not only touches others lives, it touches yours too!

Know someone that deserves a random act of kindness? How about YOU, do you need some love? Fill out this nomination form today and tell us why.

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.



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