A whole bunch of new junk food is about to hit store shelves...

Oreo is releasing a new flavor called Chocolate Hazelnut Cream. early next year.  Geek Spin says it's not an "official collaboration between Oreo and Nutella, but the words “chocolate hazelnut” suggest that the new Oreo flavor has the same delicious taste as the popular spread."

Kellogg's is apparently targeting my 4-year-old daughter. They are releasing three new waffle flavors called Unicorn, Mermaid, and Birthday Cake. Unicorn waffles will be pink and taste like cotton candy, and the Mermaid waffles are teal and taste like raspberries. Pop Sugar says, "Kellogg's has yet to share any official information about these three releases, but they've all been spotted at a handful of grocery stores as of late, including Albertsons, Safeway, and Vons. Plus, each item currently has a product page on the Walmart website, so that may be a sign they'll be popping up on more store shelves soon."

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal is launching a new, sweet seasoning blend called 'Cinnadust'. It's a blend of cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and graham cracker crumbs. People Magazine had some ideas on how to use it, "Morning toast may seem like the most obvious use for this blend, but the possibilities for Cinnadust are seemingly endless — baked goods, desserts, ice cream sundaes, coffee, and even sweet potatoes can be transformed with a dusting of it.

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