Dear Rochester Restaurants,

This is not ok! Especially in the city of mother Mayo. I used to work downtown, and I've never heard of so many food restrictions in my life. Yeah, some may be a "fad diet," but others are NOT! Many people have legit allergies. Regardless of whether it's fad or allergy, this new report is extremely alarming. It literally makes me want to scream. More than one-third of gluten-free items on US restaurant menus contain gluten. One-third of the already limited menu?!

I have to be real with you. I didn't understand or care about this like I should before I became good friends with someone who has Celiac's Disease. She had to buy a gluten tester because of how often she was getting sick from eating at restaurants. Yes, restaurants right here in Rochester claiming to be serving "gluten-free" food. I'm not going to list places, but it's far too many. Let's just say we eat at the same restaurant every time now because it's the only one that she's tried that hasn't let her down - ONE!

So here I am. My opinion, we can do better!

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