And this isn't one of those tips to lure you in to spending money! This comes straight from a study of the female face, and how it changes as you age. 


The study was conducted on women ages 20 to 80 of all ethnicities.

"The research team found that while there were some small differences, several aspects of facial contrast decreased with age, including contrast around the mouth and eyebrows. This indicates that at least some aspects of facial contrast naturally decline with age in women from around the world." -

The volunteers were then asked to study the photos of the women, and determine their ages. "The participants chose the high facial contrast face as the young face almost 80% of the time, regardless of the cultural origin of the participant or the face."

What does that mean?

It means, when your facial features stand out, you look younger. Darken those eyebrows a bit, put on some lipstick and liner, and make those eyes pop!

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