I have waited FOREVER to find something that works for my family for entertainment. Having a 3-year-old and 11-year-old is challenging. Someone is bored or has to "give in" to what appeases the other. For a while, I've wished someone would bring a trampoline park to the area. This one is even better! My son loved it, my daughter loved it, I loved it.

by Beth Blanchard
by Beth Blanchard

Why He Loved It

My son is 3 and just under 40" which can be limiting, but not here. There were dedicated zones where he could "be himself" and explore while doing so safely which I cared about. The toddler zone has a foam pit, a slider and plenty of things to entertain yourself with. We also got a free token (bonus from the staff) to try the laser maze. He could run around "chopping" laser beams and feel success.

TIP: Check out tot time!

$8 per jumper. Must be 5 years old or younger. One adult per paid child, FREE. All Children must be able to walk in order to jump on the trampolines. TUESDAY & THURSDAY 10am – 12pm SUNDAY 10am-11am

by Beth Blanchard
by Beth Blanchard

Why She Loved It

My daughter just turned 11. If your 40" or above the world is your oyster. She took every opportunity to try everything while she was there. She got aggressive on the Dodgeball court, flipped for the base jumping into the marshmallow pad and dominated the first level of the warp wall.

She said "It was really fun and there were so many different trampolines, The activities were AWESOME because anyone could do it. Staff are so nice and polite and the cafe' was amazing."

TIP: Family Time for everyone

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE.  Save some money and bring the whole family for a night of fun! Purchase a  Large single topping Pizza for just $8! SUNDAY EVENINGS 4-8pm.

Why I Loved It

Mostly because everyone had fun but also because It's a workout! Not only is bouncing (and chasing a kid) all over a great way to combine cardio and strength but the obstacle course, warp wall and dodgeball are great ways to get a workout in while having fun! They will soon be offering FITNESS classes which I can't wait to try. More than anything they have a great focus on family by offering toddler times, family jump and special needs day.

Sensory and Special Needs Hour: $8 per jumper. One adult per paid child, FREE. Enjoy the freedom of jumping. Sensory hours provide a quieter, toned-down jumping experience for those with special needs. 1st Monday of every month.

There are also group options available for your work team or a group of friends that just want a fun night out like the Ultimate GLOW Party! Jumping with black light and special effects lighting and fun music! Open Jump Glow Times - Friday & Saturday 6:00pm-8:00pm INSANITY AFTER DARK - 12+ Friday & Saturday 8:00pm-11:00pm

TIP: Fill out the info and waivers BEFORE you come.

NOTE: You will also need to purchase jumping socks ($2.50) which are required but yours to keep and bring back.

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