I was browsing Amazon tonight and saw an advertisement about Dash Buttons. I clicked on it curious what it all entailed. Turns out, they're buttons you can mount near products you'd tend to re-stock often. When you run out of it or close to it, you click the button and it will deliver it straight to your house!!


Is this real life? Did Amazon just come up with the most epic life hack ever?


Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favorite product with the press of a button. Each Dash Button is paired with a product of your choice, which is selected during the set-up process. When you're running low, simply press Dash Button—ensuring you never run out of your essentials again.


And this is what it looks like when you mount it near your products you'd like to re-order:

dash_button_cp_button_placements_102516 (1)

Well, what do you think? Would you use these or do you already have them? Tell us about it on our Facebook wall.

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