Girl Scout Cookie season is right around the corner, what's your favorite?  

Buzzfeed asked readers to rank Girl Scout Cookies and here are the results:

1)  Thin Mints, 34%.

2.  Samoas, 33%

3.  Tagalongs, 18%

4.  Trefoils, 4%.

5.  Lemonades, 3% .

6.  Do-si-dos, 3% .

7.  Thanks-A-Lot, 2% (I've never heard of these but they sound amazing. It's a shortbread cookie with fudge on the bottom.)

8.  Trios, 1%

You can vote for your favorite, here.

Does the #1 flavor surprise you?  It shouldn't - 25% of all Girl Scout Cookies sold are Thin Mints. The Girls Scouts make approximately 164-million-dollars off of Thin Mints each year.

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