Dear Creepy Guy that Looks like Johnny Depp,

No, none of us want to wear your sweaty hat, I don't care how cool it is, but thanks so much for putting it on us anyway.

Also, if people start walking away from you that's usually a sign that they DON'T want to talk to you. It's not an invitation to follow them and keep talking.

No, I don't want you to put your arm around me, I don't care how much you look like Johnny Depp, it's still creepy. Do you not understand personal space?

And just because we're part of a bachelorette party doesn't mean that all of us, except the bride, are free game.

Also, no one quite understands why you had the idea that Sarah owed you a drink. I don't know if you remember, but that was the first time you spoke to her that night. If you read this for some reason, please enlighten us. Thanks!

Creepy guy that looks like Johnny Depp, I want to apologize. I should have gotten a picture with you! That would have been the best addition to this letter! Dang it!


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