The last day of school. The kids remember it like it was just yesterday, and to parents, it feels like it was a long long time ago!

Regardless of how long ago summer started, there's still that container or basket of school supplies form the previous year still sitting around. No one wants to go through it, the kids don't want to look at it because it reminds them of back to school.

But the first day of school is right around the corner so it's time to declutter and tackle that pile of school supplies from last year!

Laurie Wrobel, the owner of Clutter 91, gave KARE 11 some tips on how to declutter before the school year starts.

The one simple thing you should do: figure out what you don't need anymore and what won't get used again, and donate it! Call different schools, check with local women's shelters, and see if they will accept donations.

Laurie says things that are great to donate are school supplies, sports equipment your kids have outgrown or don't use anymore, and unused books.

Even if the school year has already started for your kids, it's still a great time to sort through supplies they don't need anymore, get organized, and donate to a good cause!


Source: KARE 11


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