It doesn't get any better than this.

We read about grand gestures like these all the time in the news, but that doesn't mean they lose any of their luster. Artist Andy Grammer is set to perform in front of hundreds of his fans at Music Hall in Minneapolis tonight, but before he can do any of that, he decided to pay a visit to one special fan that can't make it to show.

Alex, who for the past year has been having stomach issues according to his GoFundMe page, found out in August that he has colon cancer which has spread to part of the liver, lymph nodes, and lungs. Having received word of Alex's condition, Grammer then went straight to his home for an in-house show, which you can watch from Andy's Facebook page HERE.

"We are here in Minneapolis with an incredible soul," Grammer told his audience. "He was a little under the weather and so we came to his house to do - actually the whole band is here, so we are doing a little house concert for Alex."

I absolutely love it when celebrities show compassion like this for their fans. It gives them a chance to ignore the trials and tribulations for one day, and appreciate life happening around them right now.

A GoFundMe for Alex and his wife Becky has been set up for Alex's fight against colon cancer. You can give, and read more about Alex, HERE.

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