I will never forget how happy I was when I heard they were fixing the Hobby Lobby parking lot. Seeing Rochester, in general, being beautified is an amazing thing. Well, another parking lot that we all complain about is getting fixed today! 

Rochester Asphalt
Rochester Asphalt

After the Hobby Lobby parking lot repair miracle, we asked listeners, where is the worst parking lot in Rochester?

The number one complaint last year was Walmart North. That lot is definitely in rough shape, plus the new(ish) design they have going on = awful!

The top complaint this year is Cinemagic Theaters' lot! Listeners ranted about how awful the lot is, and how it was hard to dodge potholes in the large lot! Bravo to the guys working their butts off today to give us an awesome parking lot for our movie going experience. And of course, huge shout out to Cinemagic for finally saying enough is enough, time for an upgrade!


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