Why does this keep happening?

Here we go again. Look, I can't sing worth a lick so I'll never be asked, let alone know the pressure of singing our National Anthem in front a large crowd of people. But come on, you would think after Fergie recently butchered the Star-Spangled Banner just two months ago in L.A. that more artists would be a little more prepared to sing it?

While Fergie whiffed with her "rendition" of the song, Rachel Platten just flat out forgot the words to it entirely:

I know I shouldn't be ripping on her like this because mistakes happen, but I'm pretty safe in saying she's probably performed in front of much larger crowds, and certainly bigger situations than this. A soccer match in Utah is no-where near an NBA All-Star game or even the Super Bowl, so whether it was nerves or just a huge brain-fart, it's still pretty embarrassing.

However I will say that I have mad respect for her for not giving up and actually collecting herself to finish the song, because this could have ended so much worse.


The Internet has a way of moving on to the next big eff-up pretty quickly, so this will be probably be forgotten by the end of the week... but now her name will forever be added to the list of celebrities who couldn't sing the most important song in our nations history, and really that's the saddest part in all of this.

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