At least somebody's having fun with some of the worst weather in the month of April in 35 years!

There's no such thing as "Minnesota-Nice" when it comes to the weather, and Mother Nature is inflicting her will against most of the mid-west, along with the east coast. Watching snow fall is nothing new to us Minnesotans though during the spring... it happens all the time. However these recent snow storms and blizzard-like conditions the past few weeks are really cramping our style!

But what's bringing out the worst in all of us with our bad attitudes, is bringing out the best in the Wyoming, Minnesota Police Department. Over the weekend, they ripped on everything from fruit on pizza to a certain football team across the border in reference to the shoddy road conditions over Twitter:


While funny, nothing quite beats a good Packers burn...      


Needless to say, the WPD won the Internet this weekend.

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