Remember all of those bear sightings that happened earlier this year in Minnesota?  The adorable bears were so cute and I was really hoping I'd have a chance to see one in the wild.  I know it is odd but it is on my bucket list!

Well, the sightings have started again.

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Black Bear
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Rare Bear Sighting Caught on Camera in Minnesota

In case you missed it, way back in the spring of 2023, bear sightings were starting to happen all over Minnesota.  Photos, videos, and listings on the Minnesota DNR Bear Sighting map started to accumulate!  Unfortunately, we also had someone attacked this year by a bear.  That is an extremely rare thing in Minnesota and thankfully that individual was not severely injured.

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Based on the recent sighting and video that showed up on the "It's a Minnesota Thing" Facebook page, it appears that the bears are trying to get one last snack in before they take a nice, long, winter nap.

Getting ready for hibernation, I didn't Have the heart to scare him away 😂 - Connie Hutchins, It's a Minnesota Thing Facebook Page


Where Was the Bear Sighting That Was Posted on the "It's a Minnesota Thing" Facebook Page?

According to the comments on the video, the individual who took the video stated that she is in the Crosslake area of Minnesota, which is about 30 minutes North of Brainerd, Minnesota.

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Photo by Pete Nuij on Unsplash
Photo by Pete Nuij on Unsplash

What to do if you see a bear in Minnesota?

There is a possibility that you could see a bear and if that happens, follow the safety tips that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has provided here.  

Now, if you happen to see one - please keep your distance so you stay safe - but if you get a photo, please send it to me at  I'd love to include it in the story and credit you.

Lastly, you should report that sighting on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website.  You can actually see all of the latest bear sightings in Minnesota and add your own at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website here.

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