Just yesterday, I shared that Grand Rounds was serving purple beer, and now I'm back with more fabulous news - they aren't the only brewery participating in the fun. This summer, The Rochester Posse and Riverside Concerts are asking bars, breweries and more to help celebrate the life and legacy of Prince by making this the "Summer of Purple." In case you missed it, Prince's former band, The Revolution, will wrap up the concert series for the summer on August 18th.

Now, back to the beer! ;) Forager Brewery has respectfully accepted the challenge and produced something magnificent, not surprisingly. They are serving a very special Purle Yoda Methode' Icee* Pop. I haven't tried the purple goodness yet, but I can say if you haven't had one of their slushies, you are seriously missing out - just my opinion.

The purple beer slushie will be available every day at Forager. Forager reps tell me that once they run out of this flavor, they will feature a new one.


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