I haven't really been keeping that close of track this year, but it's been extremely pleasant so far weather-wise as we head into December... and I LOVE IT!

I mean, I can't remember the last time we've consistently hit mid-to-upper 40's, or even 50 degrees? Especially on Thanksgiving. But as I was unloading the car in New Ulm for family on Turkey Day, I suddenly realized I wasn't wearing a jacket and it felt really good outside... what gives?!

After a chilly start to fall in October, southeast Minnesota has been blessed with warm(er) temperatures. Not that anyone's really complaining, BUT... are they ruining your mood in truly getting into the spirit of the holidays?

Does it mean more to you to have snow on the ground at this point in the season, or don't you care because it's such a hassle?

I asked my audience earlier this week, and this is what a few listeners had to say on the matter:

If decorating for the holidays isn't quite your thing but staring out into space is, be sure and check out the last Supermoon of the year this Monday!

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