The American government isn’t exactly smart, but I would say they're certainly creative... and you can really tell by some of these stupid laws that some of these states have passed.

In fact, here are just a few of the silliest according to

  • Drivers on mountains should drive with caution near the right hand edge of the highway – umm, there are no mountains in Nebraska!
  • Florida (accidentally) banned all computers and smart phones in internet cafes
  • It is a crime to share your Netflix password in Tennessee.

Now, Minnesota isn't off limits when it comes to outrageous laws either. Just look at these three:

  • Samm Adams found this law a few weeks back, where it is illegal to sleep naked - So who's going around checking on these things?!
  • Citizens of Minnesota may not enter Wisconsin with a chicken on their head - Fair enough, but that couldn't possibly be any more silly than seeing a Sconnie wearing one of these in our state, could it?
  • Finally in the city of Minneapolis, any red cars cannot drive down Lake Street - Well that's pretty random. I'm tempted to borrow my friend's ride and test this out!

If you’re hoping for some even weirder laws, you’ll have to consult the history books, because a recent initiative worked to repeal over 1,100 of Minnesota's strangest.

Can't get enough of all this ridiculousness? Here's another list of some of the stupidest state laws in our great nation.

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