You just never know who is searching for who on Craiglist's Missed Connections. The Rochester version regularly cracks me up, but I do seriously want to help this person in need.

For the record, I'm honestly not sure if this was typed by a man or woman - BUT this person is head over heels for a beautiful wedding bartender they saw in Rochester. They write...


We locked eyes a few times at small town wedding this weekend. I was the photographer and you were the bartender. I was seriously blown away by your beauty and regret not even getting your name.

Damn, I feel corny posting here... But I'm not the best at approaching other women, especially since we were both there working at the wedding, it would be unprofessional (is an excuse I'd tell my socially awkward self). hehe

My only question about this situation is; if you're a photographer, why not take a picture of the women you're obsessed with and use it to help your search? Sure, it might sound creepy to take a picture of a stranger, but if you truly didn't get their name the very least you could do is snap a quick photo and find her later, right!?

Getty Images: Scott Harrison / Stringer
Getty Images: Scott Harrison / Stringer

Do you know who might be Rochester's "beautiful wedding bartender"? Let's help this person out in their search.

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