It's little moments like this that make me so happy I'm her daddy.

So quick back-story or you're going to be majorly confused after you watch this: My kid is always in the kitchen.

Morning, noon and night she's always digging around trying to find trouble and she gets super mad if you try and take her out of there, especially during mealtime.

Well every morning I'll make myself a lunch and pack a bag as I'm getting ready to leave for the day... and lately she's insisted on "helping" me do just that. So I'll pick her up and place her on the counter next to me and she'll help me make a sandwich.

Every once in a while I'll make too big a sandwich and it won't fit into the bags we bought so I'll smash it down to make it fit inside them.

Here's where Charlee comes in to "help"...

I'm probably a bit bias, but holy crap that's cute right?

She'll do this every time too. I'm not sure why she has to grunt when she does it, but it definitely shows how hard she's trying huh?!

She's such a ham. Stay tuned for more as I'm sure this won't be the last time she's caught in our kitchen...

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