I think at this point I have more slime in my pantry than food. That's not a slam on the amount of food I have by any means. It's because my kid is OBSESSED with slime. All of a sudden he started bringing containers of slime home from school on a very regular basis. He said one of his friends actually makes it... Um, what?!

I'm not worried about him playing with it, but man, that crap is messy. We made new rules that said he couldn't play with it anywhere in the house that's carpeted OR on my textured dining room table. Are you going through the same thing at your house? Well, this may or may not be a solution. I honestly can't decide.


Amazon is now selling, wait for it, edible slime. It's made by Jell-o. Hmm, so my kid is going to stick his dirty hands into this bowl of slime, play with it for a little bit, and then eat it? Eww. Seeing as it's edible it makes me think MAYBE it would be a little less messy and sticky. BUT, at the same time, every time we eat Jell-o, the food coloring turns your mouth that color. Eesh, I don't know.

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