Meet Zip! He's an adorable cat in Austin, Minnesota who is in the running to hold the title of 'America's Favorite Pet' for 2023. While he's obviously a cute cat, there's something quite unique about him that we'll talk about in a second.

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America's Favorite Pet

Each year there's a new cat and dog voted in as 'America's Favorite Pet' of the year. The winning cat and dog both get $5,000 and a 2-page feature in Catster Magazine or Dogster Magazine.

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I'm kind of mad that I didn't find out about this contest until now. I have two cats who need to start pulling their weight around here, so if one of them could win me $5,000 that'd be great, lol.

Vote for Zip!

This year, though, we've got a local cat we need to support! Like I said, his name is Zip and he's a black and white long-haired tuxedo cat.

America's Favorite Pet
America's Favorite Pet

Some fun facts about Zip: He's an indoor/outdoor cat that lives on a farm. On his page for the 'America's Favorite Pet' contest, it says he'll spend the winters indoors and warmer months outdoors but it's "his choice and he makes it very clear he's the boss." His favorite toy is boxes and his go-to treat is catnip. He also was diagnosed with kidney disease a few years ago but takes medicine 2 times a day to manage it.

I also had mentioned that there's something a little unique about Zip and it's that he only has 3 toes on one of his front paws! Apparently, they're just really big toes.

As for voting, that ends tonight, Thursday, February 23rd, at 9 PM, so we need to get our votes in! You can do that on the 'America's Favorite Pet' website. As of writing this story, he's in 2nd place so let's get Zip the win!

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