Say it ain't so - not bananas!! Apparently, if a tropical disease continues to spread, bananas could go extinct. When I first read this article, I was hoping that someone was messing with me by putting a fake story online. BUT, after doing more research I discovered that in fact, the most popular form of banana - the Cavendish have been and are still being threatened by this fungus according to Snopes.

This isn't the first time The Panama Disease affected the banana industry. CNN reported that in 1965, bananas were declared commercially extinct due to the Panama disease. It started in Central America and quickly spread to most of the world's commercial banana plantations, leaving no other choice but to burn them down.

Fox News reports, for now, you will likely still see bananas at your local grocery store. "But if the disease spreads to South America before researchers successfully cross-breed the fruit, then the popular Cavendish banana may be hard to find — and eventually, the fruit could disappear altogether."

This would truly break my heart. I should stop at the store on my way home and load up on bananas - make myself sick of them before they disappear. Who am I kidding, it's not possible... sad.

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