Dave Portnoy - Some people love him, some people can't stand him, some might not know who he is. Portnoy is one of the founders of Barstool Sports, a digital media company that covers sports and pop culture. He's also just as popular for his social media pizza reviews... "one bite, everybody knows the rules."

Whatever you think of Dave and Barstool Sports, you have to appreciate the fact that they started the Barstool Sports Fund to help small businesses around the country. Barstool has a massive audience and to date, they've collected more than $35-Million in donations that will provide financial support to businesses that are struggling to survive right now. If you're a small business owner that needs help, you can apply here.

Portnoy just surprised a St. Cloud couple with the good news that they will be receiving help from the fund. In the video below, you can hear the relief in the owners' voices as he tells them their nightclub in St. Cloud, The Red Carpet, will be getting financial assistance from the Barstool Fund. Portnoy tells them the funds will be available soon and that he will continue to check in on them each month to make sure they have everything they need to continue to operate.

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