You learn something new every day.

During one of my kid's naps this weekend, I came across an interesting article from The Huffington Post called "What Do ‘A.M.’ And ‘P.M.’ Stand For Anyway?", and I had to click on it, because, I honestly didn't know the answer! When I was younger I heard somewhere from friends in school say it meant "after midnight” or “past midday,” and I guess I never questioned it because that made enough sense to me.

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one because the article also said as much, then went on to clarify saying that a.m. is short for a Latin phrase, “ante meridiem” (or “before midday”), while p.m. is short for “post meridiem” (or “after midday”).

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I NEVER would have guessed that.

Also according to the article, the 12-hour timekeeping system goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. It wasn't until the Renaissance period where mechanical clocks with 12-hour analog dials appeared in churches and palaces throughout Europe.

Now if I could only figure out military time without using my fingers to count hours, I'd feel so much smarter about all this...

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