My best friend/sister from another mister became a mom for the first time yesterday! I felt like there wasn't enough stuff that I could give her to show how excited I am for her, and how much I love her and her adorable little family! So I asked the people that know best - MOMS! Here are the best gift ideas, and what I got for her... 


As you can see, I got her dry shampoo, a brush, body butter, a handheld massage ball,  facial mask to help with tired eyes, a robe, slippers, a TON of candy (including the ALL pink bag of Starburst) and her favorite gum. I put it all in this cute little baby hamper. Plus, I have some stuff up my sleeve for when they go home!

I wouldn't have been able to come up with such a great gift without you all!!

Here are the top suggestions from listeners:


  • Jupiterimages

    Massage Gift Card/Spa Day

    This was by far the top answer. She just put her body through SO much!! Give her something to treat herself after she gets out of the hospital.

  • Girl Scouts
    Girl Scouts


    Not to put hospitals down, but the food is far from good. Bring the new mom something she can't get in the hospital! Her favorite dish from a local restaurant, plus candy, cookkies and chocolates galore. She deserves it!

  • ulkan

    Coffee, Soda, Beer, Wine

    Remember, she's been deprived of some of her faves for the last 9 months! She's probably ready for a glass of wine, and a nice strong cup of coffee

  • Think Stock
    Think Stock

    Babysitting Coupons

    After the baby is home, offer to babysit so the mom can shower, sleep or whatever the heck she wants. Also, in the future, a babysitter for a date night. AND, help clean - the new mom has enough on her plate!

    A few people had a great idea to make actual coupons that the new mom can cash in anytime.

  • ThinkStock

    Comfy clothes, socks, slippers etc for the hospital

    We all know, parents or not, how revealing, chilly, uncomfortable etc hospital gowns are. Make a mom feel more at home with comfy sweats, a night gown or robe,  slippers and/or socks, flip flops etc.

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