It's catching a lot of people off guard and it could cost you big time.

One of the busiest traveling seasons ever just wrapped up, and this latest scam could have already been used on over thousands of people.

This is truly scary stuff, because it's something you may have NEVER thought about, especially after a long road trip or flight.

Imagine just checking into your hotel, and suddenly there's a ring coming from your room's telephone. It's the "front desk" claiming your card didn't process and they politely ask that you read your card information over the phone to save you a trip back down to the front desk.

If you're thinking this is quite the nice gesture and you're happy to oblige for him/her then I'm sorry to say you've been had.

According to this, the scam has really taken off recently so here's what you should do:

Like every scam, NEVER give your credit card info to someone over the phone. Make a trip to the front desk in person or tell them you will take care of it in the morning. No hotel should be calling your room for such an egregious mistake.

Simply suggest to the caller that you'll handle the situation personally. A trip to the lobby may be annoying, especially after traveling all day, but it could spare you some major hassle later.

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