Doctors are warning parents about a dangerous game teenagers are playing that can lead to permanent skin damage.

With the help of social media, online challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge have become more and more popular over the years.

However, this is definitely one challenge you don't want your kids partaking in... It's called the "Salt and Ice challenge."

Kids will pour salt on a part of their body and then place an ice cube over it. What happens is the salt lowers the temperature of the ice-cube and within a few minutes, the ice cube can cause some serious injuries like frostbite and even third degree burns to the skins surface.


This isn't something new, as the challenge has been around for years, but it just won't go away. Several children have been treated for injuries (shown above) in just the last year.

Here's the stupid challenge in action below, so parents, please stop your kids before they permanently damage their skin.

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